Our Team

Mike Rothermel – President

A product of the industry, Mike Rothermel has been intimately involved in different aspects of consumer research since the company’s inception.  In addition to his early experience at Rothermel Research, from 1996-2012 Mike held senior positions with leading global research/consulting agencies in roles involving methodology, design, client service, and global operations.  Then, in late 2012 he returned to assume leadership of Rothermel Research, Inc.  He has managed the execution of hundreds of research projects at the firm.

Karen Rothermel – Our Founder

In late 1985, Karen Rothermel went into partnership and began a market research business, as many colleagues did before her, from her kitchen table.  The partnership ran its course, and in 1988 Karen went out on her own and incorporated as Rothermel Research.  The business quickly grew to more than just the “kitchen table”.   She hired full time staff and the business took off .

Sadly, Karen passed away in October of 2010 but her family and full time staff stepped in to manage the business.  During her tenure she managed the business with unwavering ethics and principles and this is the moral compass that continues to be the foundation of our organization.